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23 Mar, 2013

First of all, I'd like to thank all those who've helped with Luminus. Since the original release on Clojars at the end of December there's been over 700 downloads, and the framework site has over 3,500 unique visits!

There's also been many contributions for improved documentation, template fixes, and lib-noir improvements. I'm really thankful for all the help improving the framework and moving it forward. I'd especially like to thank Ed Tsech, who's been toiling on it with me for the last few months. :)

I'm really glad to be able to contribute to popularizing the language and making it more accessible. On that note I have some exciting news. I've recently got signed by the The Pragmatic Programmers to write a book on web development using Clojure.

There is a number of books discussing the fundamentals of Clojure as a language. However, none of the books focus on applying these fundamentals to building real-world solutions. Respondents of the 2012 State of Clojure survey indicated that there still exists a gap in traditional documentation. Specifically, an interest in current tools, libraries, and best practices is not being met. It is my goal to help fill this gap.

I will provide an overview of Clojure as a web development platform, highlighting exactly what makes it so effective. The book will take a tutorial-focused approach to building a production-ready web application from conception to deployment.

The target audience is anyone interested in using Clojure as a web development platform. This includes: those who are currently using the JVM for development; Ruby and Python users who would like to take advantage of the breadth of features and libraries offered by the JVM; and readers simply interested in learning how to develop web applications using Clojure.

I'm quite thrilled about this project and I hope to write the book I wish I had when I spent countless hours googling for tutorials and examples. :)



23 Mar, 2013 - anonymous

Very excited to know that! Clojure's popularity has totally outpaced the availability of books for various topics of Clojure app development. A book on Clojure Web Development is already overdue; I'm so glad it's coming and that you are authoring it.

23 Mar, 2013 - anonymous

super.. ur writeups and blogsite is awesome

23 Mar, 2013 - mpiech

Looking forward to this!

23 Mar, 2013 - Manuel

Congratulations! I'm happy to hear this, and I'm looking forward for reading your book :)

24 Mar, 2013 - anonymous

Great idea, can't wait to buy and read it! Stefan Edlich

24 Mar, 2013 - ezkl

>Specifically, an interest in current tools, libraries, and best practices is not being met. It is my goal to help fill this gap.

PragProg have a knack for tapping the right people at the right time. Congratulations!

24 Mar, 2013 - Yogthos

Thanks for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it. I'll post progress updates once I have things a bit more organized. :)

24 Mar, 2013 - ds

Will have to keep an eye out for that one!

29 Mar, 2013 - anonymous

Include Liberator project in your book

Please continue with your blog post also

30 Mar, 2013 - Yogthos

Thanks for the idea, Liberator is definitely something that would be worth covering!

30 Mar, 2013 - anonymous

This is exciting news! I'm very excited about Clojure--but, as you said, there definitely is a need for a book like yours to fill the gap between language-coverage and demonstrated implementation using the language. If possible, I think it would be useful of you incorporated elements of The Rails Tutorial (by Michael Hartl): i.e., cover the lifecycle of web development using Clojure. It's very helpful for newbies like me to see how all the pieces fit together--this is one big reason why tutorials are often insufficient. Tutorials, by nature of the best don't have the content space to allow them to cover EVERYTHING. But in your book I imagine you'll have a lot more room to roam. Incorporating the usage of various valuable/relevant libraries and lifecycle (deployment and version control) elements would also be helpful.

Anyway, I can't wait to read your book. Your site is awesome!

30 Mar, 2013 - Francesco

Now there is pedestal (http://pedestal.io/) too for web development in clojure/

02 Apr, 2013 - Yogthos

It's definitely the plan to give a more comprehensive overview of the whole process start to end.

@Francesco Pedestal definitely looks interesting. however it's still in alpha, so I will likely only have a brief mention of it. The main focus would be on tools and libraries that are already mature and recommended for use in production

05 Apr, 2013 - Ben

Congratulations! Can't wait to read from you Yogthos. Ben

27 May, 2013 - anonymous

HI, any date for when it's coming?

27 May, 2013 - Yogthos

I'm hoping to have the beta out by June and then the final release in August. So far, it's on track for that. :)

20 Aug, 2013 - Lee

Is your book out yet?

22 Aug, 2013 - Yogthos

The beta is coming out this month.

24 Aug, 2013 - Lee

Nice, you should probably add optional email notifications for comments, else I have to check back to see if there has been a reply etc.

26 Aug, 2013 - Yogthos

I thought about it, just been too lazy to setup a mail server. :)


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