Luminus: a web framework for Clojure

Luminus: a web framework for Clojure

December 24, 2012

Since the retirement of Noir, there aren't any batteries included web frameworks for Clojure. As I mentioned in an earlier post, moving to Compojure is fairly painless. However, you still have to put a lot of things together by hand.

I suspect this isn't a problem for most people who've already been doing Clojure development. However, it can be daunting for beginners and it also means having to write a lot of boiler plate when making a new site.

I decided to see if I could tie some common libraries together to provide a more comprehensive solution for creating web applications in Clojure. This led to the creation of the Luminus framework, which follows in footsteps of Noir in attempting to make web development in Clojure an easy and accessible experience.

The framework consists of two parts, first is the lib-luminus, which provides some useful utility functions, which I found to be helpful when writing applications. The second is the luminus-template, which is used to generate the base application.

The resulting app is ready to be run standalone or deployed as a war. It can also be run on Heroku by following the steps in the official documentation.

The application generated by the template can be easily modified to fit your needs and shouldn't be any more restrictive than a standard Compojure app. This avoids some of the issues with Noir, where things like using custom middleware were problematic.

The documentation site for Luminus is built using the framework in the spirit of eating my own dog food, and its source is available on github as well.

Hopefully this will be useful in helping people get started. I intend to continue working on it and I'm always open to suggestions, patches, and collaboration. :)

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