Clojure Cup Results

Clojure Cup Results

October 8, 2014

Clojure Cup results are in and you can see the winning entries here. Kudos to all the teams who participated in the event!

It was exciting to see a wide variety of ideas explored during the event as well as the number of projects that were taken to completion. It's extremely impressive to see the kinds of Clojure apps that can be built from scratch in just a couple of days.

The scope of the competition clearly grew from last year, the prizes were bigger, the teams were larger, and the projects were more ambitious. One major change that I noticed was that a lot more projects were using ClojureScript and many of these used Om and Reagent to build the UI. It's great to see ClojureScript taking off and bringing some sanity to the world of front-end development.

Overall, I think it was an exciting event and I highly recommend browsing through the apps. Many of the projects are hosted on GitHub and it's worth exploring the code to learn some new tricks. :)

I can't wait to see what Clojure Cup 2015 will bring.

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